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Connectivity with SMEs | Buyers | Manufacturers | Suppliers | Investors | Service Sectors | New Business Partners

Marketing | Branding | Promotion| Business Leads & Enquires At

Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Nashik, Chennai, Vadodara and Surat

SME Business Forum, the dynamic business network platform of India, invites interested companies to enrol as the Channel Partner to explore emerging business opportunities at the various SME Business Forum Meetings to connect with SMEs, buyers, manufacturers, suppliers, investors, distributors, franchisees, service sectors, senior executives from corporates, MNCs, Government agencies & PSUs and identify new business partners & strategic alliances with companies from various fields.

As a "Channel Partner" you will get unique opportunities for marketing, branding & promotion to generate business leads, new clients & business growth and expansion. SME Business Forum is a dynamic business networking platform of India launched on 3rd May 2008 and providing opportunities & support to SME Entrepreneurs to exchange business leads & enquiries, introduce new products, quality services and unique business ideas at various Business Growth Meetings to be organized at Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Nashik, Chennai, Vadodara and Surat.

  • Exchange of business leads, referral cases and enquiries at business meetings

  • Marketing, Branding and Promotion at Business meetings

  • Presentation opportunity for 30 minutes

  • Opportunity to meet 80 – 100 SMEs and decision makers from various companies

  • Connectivity with the buyers, suppliers, distributors, franchisees, manufacturers, service providers & new business partners

  • Connectivity with Senior executives of SMEs, corporates & MNCs from marketing and purchase departments

  • Exchange of business profile, catalogues, brochures, business ideas and new concepts

  • Table space at the venue to display and brand products & services

  • Logo of the Company will be on Side Back Drops, Mailers, Partner Group and Invitations

  • Opportunity to participate at appropriate panel and round table discussions during meetings

  • Launching of new products / services / machinery / equipment

  • Identify partners for joint ventures, technology transfers, investment, collaborations and strategic partners

  • Sourcing of quality products, services, machinery, equipment and raw & semi-finished materials & goods

  • Branding of success stories, deals and achievements in SMEConnect magazine & newsletters of the Forum

  • Complimentary 6 advertisements in SME Business Forum Magazine for registration of 24 meetings

  • 3 articles in SMEConnect Magazine in alternative editions for registration of 24 meetings

  • Database of participants will be shared after each meeting for further coordination

  • Branding & promotion at the meeting venue – standee banners and panel display

  • Eligibility to apply for Appreciation Awards of SME Business Forum

  • Advisory and support services for business growth and expansion

  • Opportunity to be the speaker or partners at various mega events

  • Support and guidance for resolving issues related to industry & business sectors

  • Support services for exploring domestic business and export opportunities

  • Opportunities in active participation in executive training programs or SME activities


  • 2 Business Meets per month at each city

  • Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

  • Inaugural speech and keynote address

  • Presentation opportunity for 30 minutes

  • Opportunity for participation at appropriate panel discussions

  • Networking breakfast and lunch

  • Business to Business meetings arrangements

  • To know the business profiles of delegates

  • All kinds of companies who are interested to promote & market products and services

  • Corporates, MNCs, Banks, Financial Institutions, Rating agencies and PSUs

  • Manufacturers, Exporters, Buyers, Suppliers, Service Providers, SMEs and Start-Ups

  • IT, ICT, Insurance Companies, Project Management Consultants, Brokers, Franchise Services, Dealers, Hospitality, Travel and Digital Marketing

  • All kinds of Industrial Products Manufacturers and Allied service sectors

  • Commercial, hire purchase agencies, Automobiles, Food Sector, Electronics, Electricals, Residential & Industrial premises developers, Textiles & Furniture and HR services

  • Business advisory services, Government services & liaison

  • Consultants, Law & CA Firms and Marketing agencies

  • PE & VC Funds, Angel Investors, Investors, Investment Bankers and NBFCs

  • Education & Training Institutes, Business and Financial Management Coaches

  • Health & Personal Care, Industrial & Business Automation consultants, Logistics and Importer agencies

  • Industrial Supply

  • Business Management and Process

  • Financial & Professional Services

  • IT, ICT and IT Enabled Services

  • Franchising and Distributorship

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Project Management Consultancy

  • Industrial Products & Services

  • Professional & Business Advisory services

  • People Management and Recruitment

  • Healthcare and Wellness

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Waste Management

  • Insurance Services

  • Finance & Investment Consultancy

  • Digital Media & Cyber Security

  • Real Estate and Rental / Leasing

  • Scientific and Technical Services

  • Education, Training and Coaching

  • Advertising & Branding

  • Interiors and Architects

  • Event Management

  • Government Services and Liaison

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Office, Industrial & Household Services

  • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

  • Industrial Construction and Warehousing

  • Printing and Packaging

  • Engineering and Designing

  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment

  • Investigation & Security Services

  • Amusement & Recreation Industries

  • Repair and Maintenance

  • Personal Care Services

  • Dry Cleaning & Industrial Laundry

  • R & D Facility

Channel Partner can select the number of meetings and cities for promotion as per their interest and following options:

6 Meetings in 3 months duration (2 meetings per month to be attended)
6 Meetings in 6 months duration (1 meeting per month to be attended)
12 Meetings in 12 months duration (1 meeting per month to be attended)
12 Meetings in 6 months duration (2 meetings per month to be attended)
24 Meetings in 12 months duration (2 meetings per month to be attended)